Black Lives Matter


When Keeping It Woke Goes Wrong: How Much Do We Really Want Artists to Speak Out?

In a time when social consciousness is an imperative, we should be more selective as to who we give a voice to.
Jabbari Weekes
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Lady Gaga Protested Outside Trump Tower Early This Morning

The outspoken Clinton supporter took to the streets after Trump’s election win was announced.
Noisey Staff
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Vic Mensa Calls Out Donald Trump in This Powerful Performance of “16 Shots”

"Tomorrow we have the biggest election of our lifetime, so you gotta get out and vote against hate. Because Donald Trump is a racist, and if you don't vote, racism wins."
Lauren O'Neill
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Lil Wayne Has Apologized for Recent Comments About Black Lives Matter

The rapper was "agitated" by questions about his daughter and says he's sorry to "anyone who was offended."
Noisey Staff
A Year of Lil Wayne

A Year of Lil Wayne: Wayne Lives Matter?

Lil Wayne said he doesn't feel connected to Black Lives Matter. But his music tells a different story than the outrage.
Kyle Kramer
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Lil Wayne Walks Out of Interview, Addresses Black Lives Matter: "I Don't Feel Connected"

Wayne appeared on ABC's 'Nightline' to discuss his career and previous comments on race.
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Internet Videos Of Particular Importance

Lauryn Hill’s Acoustic Performance of “I Find It Hard to Say (Rebel)” Will Cleanse Your Soul

"Old tune, new version, same context, even more relevant now: sick and tired of being sick and tired.”
Noisey Staff

Inside Charlie Daniels’s America

According to the 80-year-old country music legend, only two things protect America: the grace of God and the troops.
Kim Kelly

MIA Has Scores to Settle

"I'm sick of being told to shut up and just talk about my own experience."
sam wolfson

Adia Victoria on How the Constant Trauma of Being Black Is as American as Apple Pie

She sings the wild blues and here discusses everything from her church upbringing to the stigmatization of black female mental health issues and more.
Alex Godfrey
New music

NoLay Tackles Police Brutality and Institutionalised Racism on "Black Lives Matter"

"Of course all lives matter, but we say Black Lives Matter because the system treats us like they don't."
Noisey Staff

Soto Voce’s Loud Arrival

How a trans woman from Oakland and a Colombian immigrant made instant magic. Watch the video premiere of "Better" exclusively on Noisey.
Andrea Domanick