Bernie Sanders


Nice as F**k Will Make You Get Off Your Ass and Do Something

Jenny Lewis, Tennessee Thomas, and Erika Spring formed a band out of the friendship, and in doing so realized the power of community giving a damn.
Kim Taylor Bennett

Thurston Moore Is the Patron Saint of Music Nerds

We spoke with the Sonic Youth founder about Norwegian black metal, Henry Rollins' tape collection, and Bernie Sanders.
Kim Kelly
Coachella 2016

Run The Jewels Received a Bernie Sanders Introduction, and Brought Out Nas and Gary Clark Jr. For Their Coachella Performance

Run em fast.
John Hill
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Bernie Sanders Appeared on Hot 97 for 'Ebro in The Morning'

Watch the Vermont Senator speak about Wall Street, wealth inequality, Donald Trump, and more.
John Hill
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BREAKING: Bernie Sanders Thanks Phish at Maine Rally, Dooming His Campaign

Can Bernaroo be far off?
Tyler Benz

Squeezing the Juice With Raury

We caught up with the hip hop sensation to talk Atlanta strip clubs and Donald Trump.
Beatrice Hazlehurst

666 Pennsylvania Avenue: How Will Your Vote Affect the Future of Metal?

We predicted each candidate's probable effects on popular music, from a Rubio hip-hop explosion to a Clinton anarcho-punk wave.
Mason Adams
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Watch Bernie Sanders Sing "This Land Is Your Land" with Vampire Weekend

Ezra Koenig and others came out in full force to support Bernie in Iowa City.
John Hill
Internet Exploring

Watch Killer Mike Speak on Gun Control, Wall Street, and Criminal Justice Reform

"I'm more afraid of Wall Street banks than I am guns."
Noisey Staff
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Brooklyn Is Berning: Two Nights of Dem-rock-cracy for Bernie Sanders

We spent two nights at Baby's All Right in Brooklyn seeing if indie musicians could convince young people to vote for Bernie Sanders.
Zachary Lipez
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Watch Killer Mike's Appearance on 'The Late Show with Stephen Colbert'

"Teach them the path you were taught to be a successful human being."
John Hill
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Watch Killer Mike Interview Bernie Sanders

The two met in Mike's barbershop to discuss everything.
John Hill