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The Foo Fighters Pub Will Melt Your Ice-Cold Heart

I went to the merch-filled London boozer and their fans are just so nice, dammit.
Niloufar Haidari
Welcome To The Club (For Lonely Hearts)

Why Bro Country Is the Sound of My Summer, Every Summer

If 'cracking open a cold one with the boys' had a soundtrack, it would definitely be Luke Bryan.
Emma Garland

Twenty Years Later, “Drinking In LA” is Still the Ultimate Existential Slacker Anthem

Bran Van 3000's most famous song is so drunk that someone literally shouts “BEER!” in the second chorus.
Emma Garland

PKEW PKEW PKEW Brew Brew Brew Beer That's Good For You, We Think

These guys are definitely not boring or sober.
Cam Lindsay

Stream ‘Snake’ The Latest Album From Manchester Punks The Hipshakes

On their fourth album, the veterans of the UK garage punk scene have added a brazen popiness to their early trashy punk sound.
Noisey Staff

Brooklyn Heshers Tournament Offer Some Damn Fine Dirty Rock'n'Roll on 'Teenage Creature'

Stream their sweaty, beer-soaked new album (out 3/25 via The End).
Alex Robert Ross
Holy Shit

Grab Some Hot Dogs and Listen to Mac DeMarco's New Instrumental BBQ Soundtrack 'Some Other Ones'

Grilling rules!
Eric Sundermann
Internet Videos Of Particular Importance

What Can Be Learned From Toby Keith's "Drunk Americans"

There's nothing more American than getting really drunk, listening to old country music and then yelling, hugging, and yelling some more. Happy July 4th!
Mish Way
Holy Shit

Watch This Dutch Punk Singer Catch a Flying Pint of Beer While Crowdsurfing

Take any feelings of pride and accomplishment you got from the last 48 hours, and deposit them in the bin.
Emma Garland

Drinking with Daddy Issues: Talkin' 'Bout Boners, Feminism, and Having Sex at the Mall

"If you’re a feminist, you’re going to make feminist work, whether you intend it to be or not."
Allison Hussey

PREMIERE: Watch Maniac's Video for "Party City" Which Obviously Takes Place in Party City

MANIAC make the kind of punky rock that makes you want to run in place, rip up whatever paper objects are near you, and empty a bag of cheetos aggressively on someone before kicking them in the face.
Kayla Monetta
Music Video Premieres

Sucking Down Some Back Yard Brews With ScotDrakula

The Melbourne three piece cut loose on the premiere of their new video for "O'Clock".
Noisey Staff