Here's Deap Vally Clobbering the Shit Out of a Mutant Trump

Deap Vally are the intergalactic superheroes we need, armed with lizard brain riffs and feminist grit in their animated "Bring It On" video.
Andrea Domanick
Noisey News

JAY-Z Releases “Blue’s Freestyle” Video for Blue Ivy Carter's Birthday

In the animated clip, released on the Carter child's sixth birthday, Blue Ivy tears down a talent show.
Alex Robert Ross

Beshken's "Force of Evil" Video Will Blow Your Mind and Give You Peace

Watch the NYC beatmaker's beautiful stop motion video, soundtracked by field recordings gathered around the world.
Andrea Domanick
Holy Shit

Life Is Short so Blow out Your Speakers to Miya Folick's "Pet Body"

This song kicks ass, so you may as well. Check out the video for the LA singer-guitarist's delightfully unhinged new single.
Andrea Domanick

JG Thirlwell Explains How He Brings Villains and Comedy to Life in the Music of 'The Venture Bros'

The multi-faceted composer also shares the video for "Ham and Cheese Hero," from his second volume of soundtrack music for the cult favorite show.
Zachary Lipez

Sit the Hell Down and Experience Kids of the Apocalypse's Animated Epic "Better Life"

Man, animation is so dope.
Phil Witmer
Internet Videos Of Particular Importance

Watch Thundercat Traverse the Realms of Infinity with His Wolf Friends in "Song for the Dead" Video

Thank you, bass god.
Phil Witmer
New music

Watch a Skateboarding Skeleton Raise Hell in Vitamin X's New Video for "About to Crack"

These Dutch hardcore punk maniacs literally raise the dead in their badass new animated video.
Kim Kelly
Holy Shit

The Skrillex Cartoon You've Been Dreaming of Is Finally Here with "Squad Out!"

Fatman Scoop, Juaz, and Skrillex get animated thanks to Adam Fuchs and Adult Swim.
John Hill
Internet Videos Of Particular Importance

Hailey Wojcik's Stop-Motion Video for "Dog vs. Man" Is a Puppy-Filled Pop Delight

The surrealist singer-songwriter tries her hand at stop-motion, and the result is utterly adorable.
Noisey Staff
Holy Shit

Alex G's New Animation for "Brite Boy" Will Trip You Out

All planes of reality in two dimensions.
John Hill

Check Out the Weird and Hypnotic Animation of Battles' New Video for "Dot Net"

It's really trippy. Trippier than chancing upon a live webcam stream on the deep web that's just a 24/7 broadcast of Wayne Coyne trying to escape a room that seems to have no exit.