Malcolm Young, AC/DC Co-Founder and Guitarist, Dead at 64

The news was confirmed in a statement on Saturday morning. Young had been suffering with dementia.
Alex Robert Ross
Music Video Premieres

Here’s The Smith Street Band Recreating an AC/DC Video in “Shine”

They got the original director and everything.
Noisey Staff
Internet Videos Of Particular Importance

Watch This 13-Year-Old Play the Hecking Heck Out of AC/DC's "Thunderstruck"

Puts your Guitar Hero skills to shame.
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Listen to An, Erm, Alternative Christmas Playlist from Gorillaz' Murdoc

Including such smashes as "Christmas Card from a Hooker in Minneapolis" by Tom Waits, it's guaranteed to be a festive hit.
Lauren O'Neill
The Greatest Things Of All Time

An Ode to the Greatest Song Ever: "Thunderstruck"

On the dawn of Canada Day we honor the song that embodies everything that is great about... America.
Devin Pacholik

On the Other Side of This Door, Axl Rose Is Practicing with AC/DC

Dare we allow ourselves some cautious optimism about the upcoming Axl DC tour?
Noisey Staff

Read AC/DC Singer Brian Johnson's Devastating Letter About Retiring from Performing

"The doctors made it clear to me and my bandmates that I had no choice but to stop performing on stage... That was the darkest day of my professional life."
Alex Robert Ross

We’ve Found the New AC/DC Vocalist And He Prefers Snake Venom To Jack Daniels

We spoke to Steve Ludwin who for nearly 30 years has been injecting snake venom and dreaming of one day singing for AC/DC.
Noisey Staff
staff picks and good shit

Staff Picks and Good Shit for the Week of April 17

Here's what the Noisey editors were listening to this week while hopelessly chasing their dreams.
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Coachella 2015

The Music at Coachella Was Fun and Awesome and Sweet: The Weekend in Photos

Check out pictures of Ride's reunion, Lil B, Run the Jewels, Drake, and other highlights from Coachella 2015.
Noisey Staff
Coachella 2015

Hells Bells in the Desert: Everyone Dies But AC/DC Never Will

AC/DC is basically the musical equivalent to 'Fast and Furious.'
Jeff Weiss

The Grammys Sucked a Surprisingly Small Amount This Year

Last night’s 57th Annual Grammy Awards was the most rewarding in the show’s recent history, and even in its misfires you could see a long-standing legacy institution lurching toward renewed respect.
Craig Jenkins