Tom Usher

Remembering Things

Remembering 'Original Pirate Material' With Original Fans of The Streets

I went to Mike Skinner's recent comeback shows with one mission: chatting to all the heads about the importance of his debut album.
Tom Usher
An Oral History

An Oral History of SBTV, the Channel That Blew the Doors Open for UK Rap

Jamal Edwards, Devlin, Ghetts, and more discuss ten years of a platform that shifted the culture (and shone a light on Ed Sheeran in the process).
Tom Usher
Remembering Things

What Happened to Hectic Squad, the Crew That Put Ipswich Grime on the Map?

My quest to hunt down the MCs who took the genre beyond London back in the early 2000s.
Tom Usher
we saw this

Getting Older and Searching For Myself at a Present-Day Limp Bizkit Concert

At one point, the Limp Bizkit phenomenon was something akin to the Spice Girls repackaged for frat boys. Is there any power left in the tank?
Tom Usher

Reflections on The Streets' "Weak Become Heroes": A Requiem for Your Wasted Twenties

There will be that one comedown that hits you harder than the others, and makes you look at what you're doing with naked scrutiny.
Tom Usher
festivals 2016

Screw Your Lame Friends: Here's How to do a Festival by Yourself

No standing next to flags for two hours until everyone congregates, no 20-minute toilet stops, no taking Grant to the first aid tent because he got MDMA in his eyes. This is the road to paradise.
Tom Usher

Exclusive: There’s a Handyman Driving Around Britain Called ASAP Ricky, So We Rang Him

Chatting hip-hop, puns, and property maintenance with the newest member of ASAP Mob.
Tom Usher