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festivals 2016

Glastonbury 2016 Was About Everything But the Headliners

The Adele-Muse-Coldplay triad sent more people than ever into the festival’s cooler corners, and the energy there was the best it’s ever been.
Sam Wolfson
International Women's Day 2016

Little Simz is Going to Change British History, One Step at a Time

"Why can’t I just do what I want to do, freely, without feeling like people are trying to put me in a box all the time?"
Sam Wolfson
First Dates

Hangover Sweats, Pedicures, and Vibrating Chairs: I Took Kehlani to a Pampering Parlour

I spoke with Oakland's coolest popstar about playing card games with Krept and Konan, as we had our toenails done at a trendy place in West London.
Sam Wolfson

Vegas Knights: A Conversation with Sir Elton John

I flew to Las Vegas to talk to Elton John about music, misery, his new show on Beats 1, flaming vaginas and watching Miley Cyrus in the nude.
Sam Wolfson
Thinkpieces And Shit

What I Learned About Spirituality and the Universe from One Direction's Cover of "Torn"

They may look and sound better than they did when they first performed the song as a group in the Judge's House in 2010, but are they happier? Are we?
Sam Wolfson
Objectively Correct Lists

The Noisey Christmas Gift Guide for 2015

From your mom to your ex to your work secret Santa, we've figured out exactly what you need to buy everyone this Christmas!
Emma Garland
Ryan Bassil
Joe Zadeh
Sam Wolfson
The Biebreakdown

Religious Spoken Word and Hits Galore: We Heard Justin Bieber's Album Already

On 'Purpose' Bieber might have found total sonic innovation.
Sam Wolfson

Stop Worrying About Selena Gomez's Sex Life and Start Thinking About Real Life on 'Revival'

Her new record, 'Revival', is a realistic, honest look at sexuality and the unspoken bits of relationships that sets her on a different path to her Disney predecessors.
Sam Wolfson
Woah, Dude!

Glimpse a Post-Apocalyptic Future Where The Entire World Has Been Inducted into Taylor Swift's Squad

Resistance is futile. You will join.
Sam Wolfson

Mike Skinner Is "Still Doing the Same Shit" - He Just Doesn't "Have to Sing the Old Songs"

With the sixth and final part of Noisey's Hip-Hop in the Holy Land series about to drop, we caught up with our host Mike Skinner to chat about politics, filmmaking, and rap.
Sam Wolfson

We Created ‘Guess Wu’: The World’s First Rap Board Game

It's like 'Guess Who?' only with Wu-Tang Clan members and affiliated artists, duh. Wanna get your hands on it?
Sam Wolfson
Emma Garland
Internet Exploring

'Compton' Isn't the Only New Album Featuring Dr. Dre out Today

The top hip-hop album on Amazon UK is a compilation of hard-to-find tracks like NWA's "Express Yourself" and Jay Z's "99 Problems."
Sam Wolfson