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How Pete Wentz Ended Up on a Lil Peep and ILoveMakonnen Collab

"I saw Peep as a kindred spirit," he told us, when we called him about to talk about new track "I've Been Waiting."
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Weezer Have Always Been the Goofy Band You Think They Are

This week they released the 'Teal Album,' covering TLC, a-ha, and more—and of course, some hate it. But isn't their kookiness their charm?
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but actually good

The Lonely Island Have Gone Full Circle and Are Now Underrated

Ahead of their first live concert, we look back on the guys who famously made "Dick In a Box" (but also a bunch of other good shit).
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Remembering Things

Remembering Fall Out Boy’s 'Take This To Your Grave'

Fifteen years on, the pop punk group's debut album is a main-stay of the genre, celebrated for its weird quirks and really long song names.
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ultra emo

We Made Actual Emos Review Princess Nokia's Emo-Inspired Mixtape

The versatile New York rapper put out 'A Girl Cried Red' last Friday, so we got some ex-diehards to chat about it.
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First Dates

An Actual First Date with Actual Pete Wentz

I’d never gone on a date that was any more than “shall we sit in the park until we get bored and kiss?” until this one.
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Remembering Things

'High School Musical 2' Is Actually Kind of OK

Themes of queerness and socialist revolution allowed a made-for-TV musical aimed at children managed to transcend its core audience to be the best in its franchise.
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Fandom Week

Meet the Fans Who Love to Tweet “I Hate Y’All” at Their Faves

"When I call you guys fuckers it's my way of expressing love OK?"
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deep dives

Neon, Smoke, and Mirrors: Why So Many Moody-Ass Videos Look Alike

How everyone from Fall Out Boy and Busted to Carly Rae Jepsen fell for neon piping, pastel colors and ~meaningful~ fog.
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Remembering Things

Remember When Every 00s Film Had A Pop Punk Band In It?

The time has come to question how and why Simple Plan were an integral plot line in Mary-Kate and Ashley's 'New York Minute.'
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The Noisey Guide To Music and Mental Health

How Motion City Soundtrack’s ‘Even If It Kills Me’ Got Me Through My Teens

Despite their nerdy, playful exterior, the band talked about the inner workings of OCD, addiction and commitment to recovery in ways I desperately needed to hear.
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Forgot About Kreay: What Happened to Kreayshawn?

If Kreayshawn spiralled into obscurity in the early half of this decade, Natassia Gail Zolot has climbed out, with a jewellery business, motherhood, and a desire to own her future.
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