Cristina Politano


The Search for the Legendary Italian Musician Who Vanished into Thin Air

He was supposed to be the Bon Iver of Italy, but in 2013 he and his music disappeared without a trace. I tracked him down in Berlin five years later to find out why.
Enrico Pitzianti

A Look Back at Hipgnosis, Pioneers of the Avant-Garde Record Cover

The English design group dreamed up iconic covers for Pink Floyd, Black Sabbath, Peter Gabriel, Led Zeppelin, and more.
Demented Burrocacao
Essays Was the Only Music Social Network That Made Sense

Inside the rise and fall of, the social network that understood how online music worked and that resembled bits of Facebook, Songkick, Blogspot, and Spotify.
Elia Alovisi

A History of the Arctic Monkeys According to Alex Turner's Hair

In anticipation of the British band's new album, let's examine the most important aspect of his career: his hair.
Alice Oliveri

Cosmic Black Metal Is as Weird and Dark as It Sounds

What happens when black metal bands stop staring down at Hell and look up towards the stars?
Andrea Bosetti

A Brief History of Music That Doesn't Need to Be Listened To

The evolution of ambient music started much earlier than you probably think.
Giovanni Coppola

IDM Was the Romanticism of the New Millennium

What do Aphex Twin and Brahms have in common? What if we told you that Beethoven used the same expository technique as Autechre?
Giovanni Coppola

A Photo Journey Through Italy's Abandoned Nightclubs

Discotex, a new documentary project, offers an audiovisual glimpse into the cathedrals from the glory days of Italian vinyl.
Laura Petillo