Zombie Nation's Guide To Touring

Considering he's been on the road for 15 years, we figured he'd have some mage-level tips and tricks for hitting the trail.

"Level," the newest video from German techno producer and DJ Zombie Nation. This video was made with some help from ScionAV.

[Eds. Note: Do you know Zombie Nation? You might think you don't, but we promise you do. He's that German techno producer and DJ who wrote "Kernkraft 400," which you've definitely had stuck in your head on at least five thousand occasions. If you don't believe us, click right here. It's one of those pieces of sublime public art like King Lear or The Downward Spiral, a piece of work that couldn't possibly have been created by one man alone. The track seems to explode the entire zeitgeist of late-nineties post-Hackers LA Fitness soundtracks, and it fucking rules. So when he sent us his new video for "Level," we premiered the shit out of it.

Considering he's been on the road for 15 years, we figured he'd have some mage-level tips and tricks for hitting the trail. We asked him to tell us what his tour routine looks like, and sent overs this email, in which he comes clean about texture-projecting glasses, spongy airplane sandwiches, and advanced customs skills. -B.S.]



If I you don´t like the style of a hotel room, or a specific scenery bothers you, simply activate your cyber-texturizing glasses, select a preset, and make any place look like a cozy hangout. You can make parking lots look like the jungle, train rides become space travels, and your mom looks like your girlfriend. Wait a minute.


No matter if you are in a club, a coal mine or if you plane crashes, these essentials will get you through any situation. Besides that, nuts are the best alternative to soggy airplane food. Mystery chicken or cardboard pasta? Get nuts.


All my gear is modified so that it fits in small boxes and is very lightweight. It feels great to travel around the globe with nothing but a small backpack. When I buy new clothes, I take care that they are thin and light. You can easily manage to cut the weight of your clothes in half. Or take double as much.


Once you land in a new country, it is advisable to be friendly to the locals. Sometimes there's a language barrier, but laughing together will break the ice. I'm aware that burping country names is for the advanced, but you can start practicing on the plane already. First, drink lots of coke and do simple exercises. Once you disembark, and the crew is in in front waving bye bye, just burb "Bye!!!" At immigration, showing your advanced skills by barking "Hello [county name]!" You will be off to a good start!


if you're tired of your old life and are ready for a fresh start, try this trick out. When exiting the plane, you see all these people and company drivers holding up signs: Pick a random driver with a sign and pretend you are the person they are waiting for. See how far you can take it.

Zombie Nation's album RGB is out now, RIGHT NOW, here.