You Can Buy the Rights to Elvis Presley's Image for $200 Million Dollars

Which, like, isn't that expensive considering what you get.

Control over the image of Elvis Presley, one of the greatest entertainers of the 21st Century, is now up for grabs. The New York Post reports that The King's image is being bundled along with Muhammed Ali's and being sold by Apollo General Management, who expect to get roughly $200 Million for the package. For comparison, Bob Marley's rights and image are worth around $1-2 Billion.

The reason that you can buy the rights to Elvis's image at bargain-bin prices is because Apollo General Managment is selling way too much. Buy buying Elvis's rights, you get the ability to make money off of his music, hotel, life story, and image. In other words, whoever buys Elvis has got to have a record label, hotel experience, production wing, and a factory to make shit with Elvis's face on it.

And though 200 milli is pretty cheap as far as icon images go, that's Marley money compared to Kurt Cobain's likeness, which Courtney Love ceded to her estranged daughter Frances Bean Cobain so she could take $2.75 Million dollars out of Frances Bean's trust fund.

Anyways, we at Noisey think VICE should buy the rights to Elvis and change our name to ELVICE. You can find a bunch of picture of Elvis looking badass below for reasons we don't really need to explain.