Yes, Yes, Yes, Kelley Deal Has A New Band Called R. Ring And It Is Beautiful

"Fallout & Fire" will make your heart swell so hard, it hurts.

The Deal sisters—I love them.

Kim Deal and her identical twin sister Kelley Deal are 90s icons of Ohio-bred cool that no one expected.

Kim carved a name for herself playing bass in the Pixies and becoming one of rock 'n’ roll’s most beloved punks. (Come on, who else wears sweat pants and a Rush t-shirt on stage while smoking cigarette after cigarette and singing like an angel? She’s so cool, it’s scary.)

Kelley stayed a little more off the mainstream radar. She was offered to be the drummer of the Pixies when Kim joined, but she decided to move to California instead. In 1992, she learned the guitar when she joined her sister’s band The Breeders.

With The Breeders, Kim and Kelley wrote some of the best pop songs of the 90s. Even to this day, when I hear the song “Do You Love Me Now?” from Last Splash, I get all choked up inside. Try to listen to the song “Huffer” and not want to bounce around the room smiling like an idiot. I dare you.

We’ve never seen Kelley make music without her sister, but now she is back with her two-piece act R. Ring, and it is beautiful.

Yesterday, R. Ring released a debut track “Fallout & Fire” (below) off their forth coming seven-inch on Mista Records. Although the pair released homemade CDs to promo a previous tour (so 90s), this will be their first official record. Teaming up with Mike Montgomery of Amplines, R. Ring is that perfectly smoky and soft Deal humming over the kind of simple guitar that makes you want to cry forever—in a good way. R. Ring makes your heart swell so hard, it hurts. Maybe I’m being overly dramatic, but I can’t help it. I dare you to not be affected by this song.

R. Ring - "Fallout & Fire"