Here's the First Video from Yeezianity, the Religion Based on Kanye West, and It's Kind of Like a Scientology Ad

Also, meet the founder.

A few weeks ago we found the dude who started a religion based on Kanye West and interviewed him extensively. At the time, he wanted to remain anonymous, which seems like a pretty good idea if you are basing a religion off of a dude who wears a disco ball on his head while he performs on stage. However, after our post went all over the internet and became the week's #VIRAL #SENSATION, the founder decided to out himself with the Daily Mail. Turns out, he's a 23-year-old dude named Brian Liebman, and the Mail called him—in perfect tabloid form—a "priviledged kid living in upmarket Westchester County, who has no job and yet to move out of his mother and father's home."

Mr. Liebman has decided to release the Church of Yeezus's first video, which we've posted above. With a dash of Scientology and a taste of those commercials about hanging out at the beach with the Church of Jesus Christ and the Latter-day Saints, I can't really think how to describe it other than weird as fuck. Anyway, if you want to know more about this dude, he creates music under the name of BMAN, and his website has the tagline of "BEATS AND BOOTY CALLS." In the about page, he's posted two photos: a FACE and BODY. They're below. Welcome to the year 2014.


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