Which Musicians Have the Most Positive Twitter Followers?

A study has analyzed 220,000 tweets about 125 of the most popular bands and artists to determine how people on Twitter talk about them

Is the internet real life? That’s a discussion that has been emerging over recent years as we’ve melded our brains closer and closer to technology. Are our social media personas reflective of our physical selves? Let’s hope the internet is not real life, or else we are in for an army of egg-faced shitbags running up to us at all hours of the day, quoting sexist Willy Wonka memes and trying to sell us cheap Oakley sunglasses. But certainly, the overall behavioral patterns of Twitter users can be instrumental in at least getting a feel for people’s tastes and opinions.

The team at Vivid Seats, an online event ticketing service, has analyzed up to 220,000 tweets about 125 of the most popular bands and artists to determine how people on Twitter talk about them. Overall, the most mentioned act on Twitter is One Direction, cornering over a third of the tweets about the top ten artists, putting the #Beliebers to shame and forever settling the greatest debate of our generation.

But popularity doesn’t account for tone. Many of those tweets mentioning One Direction could easily and accurately be about how much the group sucks shit. When reorganized by sentiment of the tweets, Taylor Swift comes out on top, with the highest percentage of positive mentions of her. Interesting, considering most of her songs are subtweets about exes and frenemies set to music. Followed closely behind Swift is Muse, which, uh, ok sure? And in third was Pitbull, whose positive reaction is understandable given how easy it is to buy into the man’s flawless seven-year plan for global success.

When geotagged tweets were analyzed, the data broke down artists’ popularities by state. Skrillex, Aviciii, and Calvin Harris were thankfully relegated to Nevada, where EDM belongs. Ironically, Florida Georgia Line were not popular on the Florida/Georgia line, and got mentioned more in California. Iowa fucks heavy with Grimes, the South loves talking about Rich Homie Quan, and Macklemore gets a lot of chatter from his home state of Washington. Tim McGraw is popular pretty much everywhere, proving that patriotism pandering cannot be contained by mere state borderlines.

Click here to check out the report, and be mindful of which artists you’re tweeting about. You might just end up a statistic.