What Musicians Were Wearing and Sharing on Instagram This Week - 6/13

Featuring Trina checking out her own ass and Biggie's cold side eye. From the grave.

While you were working musicians were spending an inordinant amount of time posing for pictures. How do they ever have time to like, write and record and sing and stuff?

Somewhere in America, Diddy is alone in a room that likely has a lot of superfluous marble. He is dressed like a hood rich Paddington Bear and he is taking selfies.

One of the challenges that come with being a child star is missing the opportunity to have potentially meme-worthy marching band photos taken of you that will stare you down from your parents' off-white upright piano for at least 10 years. But Aaron Carter knows that it's never too late. Using an effect comparable to an Animorphs book cover, the guy is turning random photos into a portrait with a purpose.

Throwback Biggie photos are always entertaining. Here he's giving the coldest side eye ever captured on film, Snoop looks like he works in a toll booth and this unidentified third guy may have a balloon dog in his beanie. Rich material.

Something tells me that Die Antwoord's Ninja doesn't read much Kafka, but that tattoo is A+.

This week Solange took "laying by the pool" literally while wearing magical shades that make it look like you're peering out of puddles of paint. Or fried eggs.

The fact that Pitbull is this famous and still looks like a former child actor from Chuck-E-Cheese commercials still astounds me. I feel like some level 11 hover hand was cropped out of this photo. In other news, jLo does not age and is actually a doll.

Lee Spielman just gave me another reason to love South Beach. In addition to light-up drink menus, seafood towers, and butts in crochet sarongs, this could happen to you.

I'd just like to point out that while DJ Khaled is far beyond shopping at V.I.M. and Sheik, he has yet to let go of the extra long denim cargo shorts. Truly the least logical #urbanfashion item available. Are his ankles hot? Is he keeping something important in that pocket on his knee?

My soft spot for Trina is too big for me to break down what's happening in this photo. So I'm just going to leave this here.


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