What Do Kendrick Lamar Fans Think Of Kendrick Lamar?

They believe he used to be part of Odd Future.

So, good kid, m.A.A.d city has left Kendrick Lamar soaked in a shower of glistening reviews claiming that Kenny is the best thing since that time Jesus wore a piece on stage with Nas or something. The record has given thousands of rap fans an audio boner, but why is it so good? Is Kendrick Lamar the Zeus of hip-hop? Or do people just believe whatever they’re told? We went down to Kendrick's ~intimate gig~ at London's Rough Trade East store to find out.

P.S. Kendrick has never been affiliated with Odd Future, ya bishes.

Christina 25, Doctor, Farah, 24

Noisey: Is GKMC the new Illmatic?

Christina: I think it’s a classic on top of a classic. If you look at the production on this one you can tell it’s straight LA. Whereas if you look at Nas, the vibe is completely different. Illmatic goes a lot harder, whereas this has the chill factor as well as lyrical content.

Is Kendrick the next A$AP Rocky or something?

A$AP is the kind of kid where you think his mixtape is really good then you go to his gig and wonder why you ever listened to him. He doesn’t perform. To fall in love with an artist you have to be able to connect with them onstage. I’ve been to a Kendrick gig in LA and it’s not like a concert, it’s like hanging out for an hour with him.

LA. Lucky you. If you could hang out with Kendrick what would you do?

I have hung out with Kendrick.

Oh, #HumbleBrag. What did you do?

We got some drinks. We were in LA. It was in LA.

OK then, you seem to like LA. What’s the maddest thing you’ve done in your city?

In London? Oh, I’m quite mild in London.

Well, what’s the nicest thing you’ve done?

Today has been a good day. We saved someone, I’m a doctor.

Fair enough.

Ned, 16, Student

Noisey: Is GKMC the new Illmatic?

Nade: That’s stupid. No album is the new other album. It’s a good album and Illmatic is a good album.

Alright, ya bish. Who is the bish in your life?

Probably my little brother.


I don’t know. He’s a dick.

But why? What does he do?

Little brother stuff. He’s just a dick.

So, you don’t have a reason?


OK. What’s the maddest thing you’ve done in London?

I got pissed in a duck pond. No, that’s a lie. I’m quite tame. Someone threw a bottle at my head the other day.

I wonder why. Do you think Kendrick is the new ASAP?

He’s made more stuff than A$AP, I’d say Kendrick is the old A$AP rocky and A$AP Rocky is the old Dominic Lord.

You just said that a new album can’t be an old album. You’re full of contradiction.


Trevor, 18, Shay, 17, JD, 18, Students

Noisey: Is GKMC the new Illmatic?

JD: Yeah, in some sense. It bridges a lot of gaps in the hip-hop industry and it’s set the bar. A lot of people thought that he wouldn’t be able to do it because his sound is underground. But, he still did the numbers, 241,000 in the first week.

It’s the first concept hip-hop album in a while, probably since Kanye's My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy, that has worked.

JD:Yeah, a lot of people have done concept albums that haven’t worked. For example, there’s been Jay Z with American Gangster and Wu-Tang and stuff, but none of these groups have ever really been able to paint a good picture.

Yeah, you can’t really pick out singles; it works best as a full album

JD: Yeah, when I first listened to "Swimming Pools, I didn’t really like it, but when you hear it in the album, you know what leads to it and you get the whole picture.

What’s the maddest thing you’ve done in London?

JD: I’ve robbed Tesco.

WTF, you robbed Tesco?!

JD: I was there at the wrong time. I was new here and I wanted to make friends and fit in, and my friends were like – “put the Snickers in your bag” – and then we’ll get out of here.

You’re meant to just dodge the self service machine.

JD: It was like in year 9. I was so stupid. Two big black guys came out of nowhere and were like – “come back, we’ve got tapes!”

So, on the other side. Where’s the good kid in you?

JD: I helped a blind person last week. He was stuck on the train and he couldn't’t get out. What about you Trev?

Trevor: I was like eleven and I had five pounds left. I was going to go to the shop, but I gave a homeless person the money.

Aww. That’s nice.

Ben, 17, Kyle, 17 Louis 17,

Noisey: Is GKMC the best album of 2012?

Ben: I don’t know.

Awk. You’re the one coming to see him. What’d you think of it?

This is one of the best hip-hop albums to come out of the West Coast, ever.

What is a swimming pool drank?

Kyle: Man loves getting wavey!

Okay. Who is ya bish?

Ben: This girl. She sucks my dick.

Like, on the daily?

Ben: No, not quite.


Kelly, 20 and Dan, 21, Students

Is Kendrick Lamar the Jesus of rap?

Dan: Nah man, that was Tupac. If Tupac is resurrected, then Kendrick Lamar is the closest thing lyrically.

He could be Tupac's son.

Dan: You never know. He’s from Compton. He’s like, what he talks about, and the attention he’s getting from Dre is unmatched. The only other person on the West Coast putting it down has been The Game, since, Snoop Dogg, really.

The Game? Even Odd Future are better than Game.

Dan: No way. C’mon, what does Tyler talk about apart from killing Bruno Mars? It’s just shock value.

So, what do you think about Kendrick being part of Odd Future?

Dan: I think it’s cool. Just because you’re involved with an artist I don’t think that determines your quality.

Did you hear that Kendrick Lamar and Earl Sweatshirt are making an album?

Dan: Yeah, Earl Sweatshirt is sick. But, I mean, he’s not Kendrick Lamar. The Game is my favorite rapper. But, just because you do a track with somebody, it doesn’t mean anything.

What do you think about Kendrick rapping all over the next Gaga album?

Dan: You’ve got to do what makes money.

OK. What’s the maddest thing you’ve done in your city?

Dan: I’m from the States. We have a different way of doing things there. There would be some violence involved.


Charlie, 17, Matt, 17, Alex, 18, Students

What was the last good rap album you heard before this?

Matt: Watch The Throne.

Alex: Nah, Watch The Throne isn’t on this level.

Matt: Watch The Throne was more hype than quality. I went to see it live for the hype.

Is Kendrick the new A$AP?

Charlie: A$AP is all about the aesthetic. But Kendrick Lamar is about content.

Matt: Kendrick has a much better way of telling stories.

Kendrick used to be in Odd Future

Charlie: Really?

Matt: Wow!

Alex: What? That’s weird. I could never expect him to be in that crowd.

Why do you think he was kicked out?

Charlie: Was he kicked out? I thought that he left.

Alex: He was just too good.

There’s a track with Kendrick and Earl coming out, have you heard about it?

Charlie: Yeah, yeah. I heard about it.

Matt: I think Odd Future has been ruined by the mainstream, innit.

What’s the maddest thing you’ve done in London?

Alex: I saw Odd Future's first concert in London.

That’s the maddest thing you’ve done in your life? You just said you don’t like them anymore.

Alex: I’m only seventeen. I haven’t done many mad things. Come back to me next time innit, I’ll give you some mad stuff.


Harry, 19, Josh, 20, Students (blurry pic, soz!)

Do you think Kendrick Lamar is bigger than Jesus?

Josh: No, only The Beatles are bigger than Jesus.

Where would you place Kendrick on the religious scale?

Josh: He’s bigger than Moses.

Harry: I think his first album was good. But, Nas' first album was good and he hasn’t brought out anything good since then.

Did you know Kendrick and Drake are starting to call themselves the new NWA.

Josh: Yeah, it's definitely a West Coast revival.

Harry: I’d agree with that definitely. This is the NWA for 2012.

Josh: East Coast have people like A$AP Rocky who are running the show.

Speaking of the West Coast, did you know Kendrick was part of Odd Future?

[Both] Yeah.

Do you know what his name was?

Josh: Nah, but I heard they used to kick around.

Col, I'm lying BTW.

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