Welcome To Beeftown - 50 Cent Vs. Chief Keef

Try to say "Chief Keef Beef" five times fast.

Fresh off of selling a bajillion pairs of headphones on QVC, 50 Cent on his bolognese shit again. Which is to say 50 Cent is mad at Chief Keef because he didn't show up to his own music video shoot. Keef, Wiz Khalifa and 50 made a song called "Hate Being Sober" for Keef's upcoming Finally Rich album, and according to his tweets (some since-deleted) Keef wasn't there. If I had to guess 50's probably secretly wild excited about this because he loves publicity, and this'll probably shake out with him and Keef filming the video together and making up, so basically 50 Cent is just getting free publicity. So, 50 Cent, you're welcome we guess. Anyways here's a really good 50 Cent song that's wild old.