We Interviewed Game

His Jesus piece got a Jesus piece.

Here are some things I asked Game about that seemed to piss him off: His kids, his new album, Los Angeles, growing up, Mitt Romney, and me. Talking to him more and more, I began to get the sense that he just talks how he is, especially when he revealed to me that he was on the phone with the bank. That’s frustrating as fuck, and I have no idea how difficult it must be to deal with Bank People when you’re a famous rapper.

Anyways, if you haven’t been paying attention to what Game’s been up to for the past couple of years, here’s a quick refresher. One, in a Diddyesque move he dropped the “The” from his name, so now he’s just known as Game. Two, he is starring in a new reality show called Marrying The Game, and it’s about how he’s getting married to a schoolteacher. Three, he has a new album entitled Jesus Piece coming out soon, and he says it’s going to be awesome. To celebrate the release of Jesus Piece, Game has been sporting a new Jesus piece that itself is wearing a Jesus piece. And if you look closely, the Jesus on the chain kind of looks like Game. It completely transcends the beauty of Rick Ross's medallion of his own head wearing a medallion of his own head. All of this is very meta, so just look at a picture of it before reading our interview.

NOISEY: What’s up Game?
GAME: How you doing, man?

I just finished watching the new Trapped in the Closet. What are you doing right now?
Right now I’m just driving man, driving, driving, driving through the city.

You’re in LA, I take it?
Yeah man, I’m at home.

You recently were the star of a reality show about your marriage. Can you tell me what that was like?
Filming a reality show it’s pretty much reality, man. There’s a camera 24/7, whatever’s said or done pretty much the world will see. Though after a while it becomes like the cameras almost aren’t there, like after the first episode everybody got kind of used to it and then we were just rockin’ out. I think everyone will appreciate that we all were able to lay it out on the table for people to check out, you know?

I feel like rapping is a way of putting yourself out there, and appearing on a reality show is just a different medium for doing that.
Yeah, I think that the people that had to get used to it were my kids, their mom, and all the other characters on the show. Me, I was born for the camera. I’mma do me.

You’re coming back with a new project as well—can you tell me a bit about that?
For sure, my new album is called Jesus Piece. It’s my fifth solo effort and it’ll be my fifth number-one album. It’ll be a good listen. I’m not psychic, man, but I think my fans will be appreciate my growth in every aspect of my life from being am emcee to being a family man to being a friend while still keeping it hood all at the same time.

The album is called Jesus Piece and the concept stems from me having a relationship with god and at the same time still being a nigga from Compton whose just out here thuggin’ and doing the best he can to take care of his family. It’s that constant battle between religion and the streets mixed with dope beats and dope lyricists with these hip-hop and R&B artists.

Can you tell me a little about that tension between ‘keeping it hood’ and remaining true to your faith—at what point did you start thinking about that a lot?
I never really gave it that much thought. If you let life teach you things, you’ll grow as an individual within the lines of your own self. I haven’t changed a bit as I’ve just gotten older. Time waits for no man so you can either do one of two things: you can get older and wiser and let life teach you to make those adjustments or you can be fucking fifty years old and still be doing immature, childish shit.

(fuzzy reception)

Man, I’m here, sorry about that I’m just back and forth dodging between you and the bank, you know how that is? When they get you on the phone and they ask you ten million questions and if the phone hangs up you gotta start fucking from scratch.

Did you watch the debate last night?
Nah, I didn’t catch that debate. I caught the first one.

What do you think of the situation right now between Romney and Obama?
FUCK Mitt Romney.

At one of the debates he said something phrased along the lines of, “Binders full of women,” and a joke immediately popped up about how that line was something a rapper might some day say. How do you feel about rappers comparing themselves to Mitt Romney?
Any time I have a take on something another rapper does it pretty much gets me in trouble so I don’t care, everybody should just do whatever the fuck they want and I’m happy with it.

What did you have for breakfast this morning?
Man, I fucking had eggs and bacon and pancakes and bananas but I didn’t eat any of it I just had the orange juice and jumped in the car, imagine that.