We Don't Know Anything about Lolawolf But We Do Like This Song

Dunno who these people are or what they look like, but the singer's vocals are lusty and insouciant and there's a give-a-fuck tear to her tones.

We know exactly nothing about this band other than that they're from New York and the synths on "Drive" remind us a little of Twin Peaks. Not the Twin Peaks intro, but just the Twin Peaks vibe, where everything is a little sexy, but also a little weird and unsettling. Plus, big props for the neat, noodly bassline during the verse. But the thing that really gives this track a hook is the singer's vocals: lusty and insouciant, there's a restless, give-fuck-tear to her tones.

Maybe we'll get to see their faces—at the moment we can barely even decipher their cover art—when Lolawolf's debut EP drops this November on Innit Recordings.