Watch This Guy Play Blink-182’s Entire Discography in Five Minutes

Yes, even 'Cheshire Cat.'

You may know Kye Smith as “that dude with all the drum videos.” He has made a name for himself on the interwebs with his YouTube channel where the drummer shreds his way through Fat Wreck’s entire discography, Epitaph’s entire discography, and more. Here, he crams blink-182’s entire catalog—from 1995’s Cheshire Cat, all the way through 2011’s Neighborhoods (nothing from Buddha though, sorry) into five minutes. Watch above as Smith burns through dozens of songs while doing a pretty damn good impression of Travis Barker (and Scott Raynor, don’t forget that guy).

Also, Kye, if you’re taking suggestions for more bands to cover, may we humbly suggest Brutal Truth? You could probably do the band’s entire catalog in five minutes and still have enough time in the middle to get up and make a sandwich.

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