Watch the Video for "Cast a Shadow" by Coves

Shimmy shake to this.

Meet Coves. They're a boy-girl duo comprised of John Ridgard and Beck Wood. They come from Leamington Spa in the UK. I've been there and there's not a lot happening, although it does have a nightclub called Smack which boasts a night called "I ♥ Smack"—described as "the region's most infamous student club." It is unclear whether John or Beck have been inside said establishment, but I'd hazard a guess from their music that they have not.

Last year Coves' cover of Chris Isaak's "Wicked Games" topped the Hype Machine. In general I don't like covers of "Wicked Games" because, as Hammer once said, you can't touch this, but Coves stripped it back and fuzzed it up and Beck sounded positively post-coital. Like she was still a bit breathless and tangled in the sheets.

Anyway. Above is the video for their latest single, "Cast a Shadow," a slinky, 60s-indebted slip of a song that makes me want to line my eyes like Edie Sedgwick, throw glitter down my cheeks like Beck, wear an indecently short skirt, and wiggle my hips till dawn.

Their debut album, Soft Friday, is out via Nettwerk in the UK on 3.31 and in the US later this year.

Kim is Noisey's Style Editor and she's on Twitter - @theKTB.