Watch Stalking Gia's Dreamily Disconsolate Video for "Second Nature"

The bass line is killer and this video finds Gia moving gracefully through time like a creature from another world.

First of all let's talk about this bass line. It's so good. Laidback brilliant like Tame Impala's "The Less I Know the Better," or anything Metronomy's ever penned. Secondly, turn it up a couple notches and let Stalking Gia's softly exhaled tones cast their spell. This is a very late night kind of pop. It's intimate, close, and it's a skip and a step away from previous releases—more sophisticated and sparse. The video meanwhile blends dark city streets with the NYC singer looking like a pastoral vision in white, wandering through nature like a woodland nymph,

"I’ve been watching this video play in my mind (and in my dreams) for a while now," she explains. "Today, 'Second Nature' has been brought to life for everyone to see. The video creates a dichotomy between the late-night sleepless reality in Brooklyn and the surreal dream sequence, where I am completely at one with the earth, in the chorus. We can all relate to dreams where we are running from ourselves and searching out truth… trying to escape our inner fears and doubts. That’s exactly what I wanted to display in this video. A simple yet impactful concept. Hope you connect with it and enjoy."

Watch below.