Watch Nervous' Video for "Good Morning"

An erratic series of fever dreams from the Oakland punks.

directed by Evan Henkel

Why do legs itch so much when you’re trying to sleep? They’re like annoying little children that wake you up just when you’re comfortable. Sometimes you just want to itch them until they start to ooze pink stuff and look like a Jackson Pollock painting (the legs, not the kids). Oakland duo, Nervous, clearly get the whole itchy leg thing. They also get all the other annoying things that prevent you from sleeping like being woken up by text messages, sleeping in a pile of amps, and dreaming about an American Jesus filled with money. You know, the usual.

Nervous’ self-titled album is out today from Twelve Gauge Records and it’s so spazzy and erratic that it probably won’t help you with the whole not-being-able-to-sleep thing. Anyway, check them out and give yourself stress dreams.