Le1f - The Dark York Mixtape

Any other teenage queers with rap ambitions should quit now.

May 3 2012, 4:40pm

Dark York Mixtape

Self-Released, 2012

  • Favorites:

    "Wut," "Snacks," "Gimme Life"


    Black Leather, Clove E-Cigarettes



  1. ΩΩΩ
  2. Mind Body
  3. &Gomorrah
  4. My Oozy
  5. Bubbles
  6. Snacks
  7. Go In
  8. Wut
  9. Yup
  10. Fresh
  11. ☼‿☼
  12. Gag
  13. Gimme Life
  14. Hate2Wait
  15. Lavandin
  16. Emulator
  17. Fry Dem
  18. Gayngsta ft. Don Jones
  19. Giddy Up
  20. Infinity
  21. Uptown

Le1f - "Yup"

This mixtape is sickening. It makes me want to puke, punch myself in the face, throw myself into oncoming traffic. Le1f is so good it's like a reverse "It Gets Better" video; any other teenage queers with rap ambitions should just quit now. It’s like, of course the production wünderkid behind your favorite song has made the best rap album of the year, in his fucking bedroom. Nguzungu, Boody, and a handful of other producers all lend a hand here, proving (like you didn’t know) that Le1f’s more than just a knob twiddler on his own. He’s a fucking star ascending. Dark York is like a perverted fantasy of what rap should actually sound like. Le1f is sexy, catty, funny, fast, and smart as hell. Whether coyly twanging in his native New York-ese or rapid-fire mind-scrabbling under his breath, Le1f’s delivery is alternately bombastic and understated. He knows how good he is; he doesn’t have to scramble for your approval. Le1f’s probably going to be a huge fucking deal, and you should at least get the mixtape while it’s still free.