Vampire Weekend Just Announced Their Album Release Date

Relevant information: The album's out on May 7th, and the letters "MVOTC" are involved in some capacity.

Do yourself a favor and go to Vampire Weekend's website. In the band's typically refined manner (aka they used that one font that you also see in Wes Anderson movies), they've announced that their third album is complete, Not much more info is available right now, other than it'll be out in the States on May 7th, and in the bottom left-hand corner of the Vampy Weeks' site you can see the letters "MVOTC," which probably stands for something related to the new album. Or it could be nothing. I love Vampire Weekend for lots and lots of reasons, and one time in college I got kicked out of their concert for underage drinking. Anyways, here's a track VW debuted on Jimmy Kimmel Live circa Halloween entitled "Unbelievers." Will it show up on the new album? Maybe!

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