Check Out Ulver's New Album with a Full Orchestra, Messe I.X-VI.X

No metal no more. Headlining Maryland Deathfest

If you haven't looked at a calendar lately, we are clearly a long way out from 1997 raw black metal masterpiece Nattens Madrigal. In the time since, Norway's Ulver has evolved from those traditional Norwegian roots to classical/ambient/experimental, ending their live embargo just four years ago after sixteen years in existence. Their latest LP is Messe I.X–VI.X, which sees the band teaming with the 21 members of Tromsø Chamber Orchestra and delving further into their classical/progressive tenedcies. Stream the LP in full below.

Yes, it's true. Ulver is scheduled to play Maryland Deathfest 2014 in their first US appearance ever. Their live performance will undoubtedly mirror their trajectory; completely unexpected.