Trippple Nippples' Otherworldly New Video For "Quetzacoatl"

Our favorite electro-punk duo from the Land Of The Rising Sun is living the Mesoamerican dream.

Over here at VICE, we've got a major band crush on Trippple Nippples. We'll basically plug anything they do, because it's guaranteed to be about a bajillion times more interesting than some dead-eyed indie rock bozo.

Take their new video, for example. The track is called "Quetzacoatl," named after the Mayan serpent god Quetzalcoatl (the band decided to skip the first L in the song title, but hey, rock 'n' roll knows no grammar). The video features sweeping shots of Mesoamerican landscapes and fixates on Mayan preparation rituals and art making:

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And be sure to check them out on tour - they'll be in the Western US, Canada, and Europe over the next month:

Trippple Nippples On Tour:

April 19 - Bar Pink - San Diego - CA

April 20 - Central - Santa Monica - CA

April 25- The New Parish - Oakland,CA

April 26 - Thee Parkside - San Francisco, CA

April 27 - W2 Media Cafe - Vancouver - Canada

April 28 - TBA- Portland - Oregon

April 30 - Someday Lounge - Portland - Oregon

May 7 - The Macbeth - London - UK

May 10 - The Great Escape - Brighton - UK

May 11- TBA - Brighton - UK

May 12- Walk The Line Festival - The Hague - Holland

May 21- Panic Room - Paris - France

May 26- TBA - Paris - France