Toby Goodshank's Video for "Do Not Move" Is a Lesson in How to Stay Beautiful

Screw anti-wrinkle cream: get contorting.

I think it's such a bummer that everyone's worried about aging. There's this woman who lives in my neighborhood who shuffles around with the help of a walker, rocking floral dresses and Chanel shades. Sometimes I see her outside the local dive bar enjoying an afternoon G&T and sometimes I see her hoodwinking bucks off her bagel at the bakery just by being charmingly ancient and kinda cantankerous. When I go white I wanna be like her.

That being said, I am a bit scared of getting old. I don't like the idea of slow movement; I'm not overly keen on my face and body developing craggy canyons. It probably doesn't help that my mom started giving me anti-wrinkle cream when I was about 15. She meant well. But beauty comes from within—duh—and I'm not just talking about spiritually. I'm talking about muscles and all the stuff underneath your skin that holds your body in place.

Which tenuously leads me to NYC-artist Toby Goodshank who flexed some lo-fi grooves and his flair for the faintly absurd in the video for "Internet," which we premiered some months back. Now Toby returns with "Do Not Move" which is less lounge pop and showcases a sweeter, more folkish bent. Toby says the song was "culled from a dream" and "inspired by local bands The Baby Skins and Ladies of Old Hat, and composer Nobuo Oematsu."

Directed by Justin Remer, the visuals are totally tied to what I was banging on about at the top of this article in terms of inner beauty and muscles and anti-wrinkle cream. (Also don't smoke kids, if death and tar-coated lungs don't freak you out, pay heed to vanity and do not spark up.)

"The footage was actually found by my girlfriend, who was looking for documentaries on organic skin care using herbs," explains Justin. "She accidentally, found this instructional video which billed itself as 'organic skin care,' but just turned out to be people doing these muscle exercises and making these insane faces. She just shut it off, because it wasn't what she was looking for, but I rewatched it a few times because it is incredible. When I heard "Do Not Move," it seemed like an organic (ha ha) fit."

Get contorting.

Kim is contorting at her desk right now. Her colleagues are shaking their heads. She's on Twitter - @theKTB.