This Guy, Who Slept Through An Entire Doom Metal Set, Is All Of Us

Not all heroes wear capes.

This article originally appeared on Noisey UK. 

Some people are just better than the rest of us. It's a principle that explains the otherwise suspect existences of humans like Beyoncé, and Prince, and Patti Smith. Well, you can now add another semi-deity to that illustrious list: this fucking guy who slept the entire way through a 20-minute strong set by Boston-based doom metal Fórn on December 30 WHILST SITTING ON THE SIDE OF THE STAGE.

On first glance it looks like he is kind of just sat there on the left, head in hands, ready to trip balls to the cosmic metal experience about to unfold around him. At 0:46, he moves a bit, indicating that he's just settling in, just getting comfy there in his spot which, I'd like to remind you, is ON THE SIDE OF THE STAGE. But for the rest of this video, this dude just does not move. And, having confirmed for all that he is not dead according to SPIN magazine, the only answer is that the power of metal compelled him so hard that he passed out for over twenty minutes.

Watch a video of the set below—it's a win win: you get to watch Fórn, who slap severely, and also get inspired to do the right thing and sleep through all the similarly earth-moving events of your year to come:

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(Image via YouTube)