The XXL Freshman Class by the Numbers

We broke it down so you didn't have to.

XXL Magazine, one of hip-hop's flagship publications, puts out one issue per year that tells you which rappers are going to be big that year. It is called, as you probably know, their Freshman Class issue. Sometimes, they pick rappers who end up blowing the fuck up, but for every Future or Kendrick Lamar or Macklemore there are four Kid Inks. We recently published our own list of rappers to watch, but we are not XXL. I stared at the XXL Freshman cover for like an hour and broke it down numerically so you didn't have to. Find it on XXL here.

Rappers on the Cover: 11
Rappers I Personally Enjoy on the Cover: 6
Rappers I Personally Have Never Heard of on the Cover: 1 (Logic)
Female Rappers on the Cover: 1 (Angel Haze)
Average Age of Rappers on the Cover: 22.727272727272727272727272
Rappers with Radio Hits on the Cover: 4
Rappers in TDE on the Cover: 2
Rappers on the Cover Who are Just Represented by a Disembodied Head: 1 (Chief Keef)
Bucket Hats on the Cover: 2
Rappers Wearing Camo on the Cover: 5
Rappers Wearing Camo Cargo Pants on the Cover: 3
Rappers with Dollar $ign$ in their Name$ on the Cover: 3
Leather Jackets on the Cover: 2
Jacket-No-Shirts on the Cover: 1
Rappers Wearing Visible Chains on the Cover: 5
Rappers with Visible Tattoos on the Cover: 5
Rappers Wearing Their Own Merchandise on the Cover: 1 (Dizzy Wright)

Drew Millard thinks the XXL list is pretty good this year. He's on Twitter - @drewmillard