The Racist Justin Bieber Song Is Probably an Elaborate Smear Campaign and/or Hoax by One Direction Fans

An investigation.

One day, I want to be as famous as Justin Bieber. In addition to having mind-control over millions of young female fans, he's managed to attain a level of popularity that enrages people all over the world. Most of the times that Justin gets painted as a villain by the media are the times when he's participating in some dumb teenage shit—as teenagers are wont to do: driving fast, smoking weed, threatening to punch people taking pictures of him, purchasing a monkey only to leave it at the German border, etc. The latest "...fucking Justin Bieber" story isn't rooted in adolescence or spontaneity, but by good old fashion racism. Upon the release of his "new song" titled "What She Wants," fans were outraged to hear Justin say that he wants to "be her nigga" in the chorus (1:29).

Cue the media outlets running after Justin's mirrored sports car, pitchforks withdrawn and thirsty for blood. Bieber's team immediately and adamantly insisted that Justin would never utter those words and that the video is a hoax. Justin's camp said that someone went to YouTube and created a fake account which looked very similar to Bieber's real YouTube account. But who on earth would go to this level of detail just to tarnish Justin's good name? Good question.

Let's look at the original video, which was blocked on copyright ground by Universal Music Group.

This is a screengrab of the blocked video.

The uploaded user is said to be "Justin Bieber" and the adorable avatar beside the username lends additional credibility. Upon clicking on "Justin's" YouTube page, we see that it's full of [NEW SONG 2013]'s and other upload titles that a tech-savy 18-year-old and his handlers would never use. (Sidenote: there's a "Song Cry" remix that's worth listening to if you want to hear the original Jay Z song with what sounds like Justin crying in the background.) All of these random uploads and activities won't help you uncover who the creator of this fake page is, but a look at the URL will:


It seems that the page was originally created by someone who went by "1D Team Turkey", the Southeastern European branch of One Direction fans. For those unfamiliar, One Direction is a boy band made up of five Justin Bieber's with quirky accents, and their fans are apparently hungry for blood. Part of me is sickened by the fact that these Turkish fans would try to sully the name of the greatest Canadian export since beaver pelt. The other, darker part of me finds it admirable that they went to the effort of not only creating a fake identity to discredit Justin, but that they were somehow able to track down a Bieber impersonator to have him record a racist hook.

Slava Pastuk is also a Justin Bieber with a quirky accent. He's on Twitter @SlavaP