The Most Psychopathic Faces Kanye West Made During His Psychopathic Pusha T Rant

This man is a psychopath. And we love him for it.

Kanye West is a fucking psychopath.

At last night's Pusha T listening party (as you've probably already heard), dude did the thing that he does and went off, and did it in the way that only Kanye West can. For about three minutes, Yeezy ranted about how we can and should be thanking and honoring Pusha T for inventing pretty much everything. Like, everything. Long t-shirts. Numbers on the backs of t-shirts. The general use of camo. Culture-at-large.

For context, here's the entire transcript of the video (which you can see above):

"Ayo, this Yeezy right now speaking to y’all. This the heart of the muthafucking city, act y’all ain’t have that muthafucking Clipse album and shit. Act like y’all ain’t base y’all whole shit, whole lifestyle off this nigga Pusha T. Everything is Pusha T. Pyrex Vision, that’s Pusha T. Fear of God, that’s Pusha T. This nigga the heart of the muthafucking culture for you culture vultures. This the only nigga spitting that wild muthafucking hip-hop shit right now. That’s why I stand next to this nigga. I don’t give a fuck about none of these corporations, none of these fucking sell-outs. This muthafucking Pusha T. This is the fuck we make. We make good music, we make good music. We don’t give a fuck about how much god damn money you make, we make good music. I’m a off that Goose right now, I might get loose right now. We don’t give a fuck. We don’t give a fuck. Nigga this is that culture. This is that culture. For everybody stealing the culture, for all niggas trying to do their camo prints at MAGIC, this is motherfuckking Pusha T. All these niggas trying to extend their muthafucking t-shirts, trying to throw numbers on the back of their shit, this muthaf–king Pusha T. “I have a t-shirt line, cause I got numbers at the back of my shit.” Fuck you. This DONDA, this Matt Williams, this Virgil Abloh, this Ferris Bueller, this is muthafucking Pusha T. I’m done."

Anyway, because we love how much of a psychopath Kanye West is (he wouldn't produce the incredible music and art that he does if he was just your average dude living your average life), we went ahead and screencapped the most psychopathic faces he made during the rant. Enjoy.

This takes place towards the beginning of the rant, when 'Ye is just getting himself a little bit revved up. He's not looking at anything in particular, but he's also looking at everything in the eye. He's preparing. He's focusing. He has no clue at all what the specifics of his rant will be, but at the same time, he knows exaclty what he wants to say. At this moment, I imagine him breathing very heavily.

Okay, so at this point, we've started the rant, but he hasn't lost himself in the rant completely—like, we're not yet at the point of Kanye accidentally murdering Pusha T for simply standing near him—but we're very, very close. On a scale of 1 to Taylor Swift, this is probably how he felt just before he shouted about George W. Bush on MTV. If you look closely, you can see the vein on the left side of his neck beginning to bulge.

Here, Mr. West has decided to take a pause and let his words ring through the crowd—"THIS IS PUSHA T"—while he aggressively stares them down. As demostrated by the grinning bro standing to next to him, Kanye's rants are always hilariously poignant. This guy doesn't know if laughing is okay, but he's smiling anyway. He agrees with Kanye, but he is very much afraid of Kanye.

We're about halfway through the rant, and it's kind of hard to see in here, but Kanye is looking the camera in the eye. And that means he's looking you in the eye. Do you feel that fear? Do you feel that intensity? Do you feel that energy? Be careful with it, because you might harness it and go, like, write a novel or something.

This is when Kanye moves his hand around a lot and yells at you for trying to wear a long t-shirt after Pusha T did it first. I don't really know what else to say about it.

There it is: the money shot. Look at those eyes. Look at them. The intensity with which this man walks around on a daily basis is just unfathomable. And what's so glorious about all of this—about him walking the line of crazy and normal—is that he not only uses this to produce incredible art and music, but it's coming from a genuinie place. This isn't him acting performative. This isn't him talking to his mother-in-law on a (pretty bad) daytime talkshow. This is nothing else but Kanye West being Kanye West, the man in his purest form: intense, but not angry; insane, but laser-focused. Yeezy believes 100 percent in everything he's associated himself with—and he's willing to do anything he can in order to convince you. And for that, we thank him.

Eric Sundermann COULDA BEEN SOMEBODAY. He's on Twitter@ericsundy