The Midnight Hollow's Video for "Her Morning Glow" Somehow Doesn't Involve the Beach, Which Rules

The clip proves an indie rock band can make a stunning video that doesn't have to look like a VHS tape from the 90s.

I'm tired of bands putting together dumb videos filmed through a VHS tape recorder (a.k.a. a shitty filter slapped on top of random footage) in a backyard, and backing it with a song about nothing. How DIY of you, bro. A video should do more than just accompany a track—it should provide an overall tone to what you are listening to and make you feel the feels of the sounds that sound because #music is the #best. So when I first saw the Midnight Hollow's new music video for "Her Morning Glow," which Noisey is premiering above, I was immediately in it to win it for the entirety of the six-minute long track. Not only is the song hypnotizing, but the video is stunning, making one confused if what's being witnessed is sexy or creepy—or both. I'm pretty sure that's the best feeling ever. Not to mention the vocals are haunting with real life lyrics about actual things. Homeboy didn't mention the beach once.

If you're in New York, the Midnight Hollow play Radio Bushwick on Saturday, June 14 and Glasslands on Monday, June 16.