The Internet: "Give It Time"

The Internet smelt together some tranquilizing vibes on their new track.

Last night, while half the world pretended to know about politics, The Internet dropped a new track. As in, OFWGKTA affiliated group THE INTERNET uploaded a new MP3, not the ~internet ~collectively releasing a single track to "celebrate" the election. That would be weird.

Now the early days of Odd Future hysteria has died down, we’ve had the chance to watch members fluctuate and start to forge their own musical paths. Sure, Tyler the Creator will always be the face of the prospectus, but then you remember that the likes of Frank Ocean and Earl are from OF too, as they cement their position as pillar alumni. What I'm trying to get to, is that out of the OFWGKTA yearbook, my favorite group has to be The Internet.

Birth child of Syd the Kid & Matt Martians, their debut record played out like a more feminine Pharrell Williams cut, which is 100% a good thing. Their new track “Give It Time” rides upon much of the same, tranquilizing vibes, with some added iridescent guitar. It’s bathed in warmth – in fact, this track just debuted in my life whilst I was in the bath (yes, I take my laptop in the bath and listen to music and IDGAF) – and is ideal chill music. Now, someone pass me a bottle of that special stuff.* (*bubble bath.)