Dry January Whatever! Party on in The Crookes' Video for "The World Is Waiting"

What happens when you have no money but you need to shoot a video? You throw a party, get everyone wasted, and give them gallons of powder paint. Oops.

It's amazing how being totally broke can really push the limits of one's imagination. At least that's what happened when it came to shooting the video for "The World Is Waiting" by Sheffield quartet The Crookes.

"We spent all the album video budget on the first single so we had to think of something that would be cheap and also look great," explains singer and bassist George Waite. "Also we are conscious that the default setting on music videos is mean and moody and we wanted to do the exact opposite of that… So we decided to throw a party with all of our mates (we are huge fans of Nude Beach and Girls—their videos for "Walking Down My Street" and "Hellhole Ratrace" were big inspirations for this one of ours) but with a bit of a colorful twist. So Tom bought a ton of powder paint and we drew straws for whose house would be the one to get wrecked. Dan and I lost.

"Our housemate Becky made five liters of punch that was basically different types of leftover cheap gin all mixed up with a bit of Pimms. So by about half four in the afternoon everyone you see in the video was absolutely smashed, singing at the top of their voices chucking paint all over the shop. God knows what the neighbors thought... (Our Belgian neighbor Charlie did actually come round the next morning to give me a lengthy bollocking). It was easily the most intense fun we've had all year—followed by the crushing realization that we'd have to clean up the mess... The whole house was ruined—broken furniture, hand prints all over the walls, doors hanging off their hinges, people passed out in the shower. The clean up was too much to face that night so we just left the house - out of sight out of mind - and went into town and carried on the night. That was in September and we're still finding paint now - it's been.a three month task cleaning up from that party. But we'd do it again in a heartbeat.”

So that's the story of the video—premiering below—you can practically taste the powdered paint. Lifted from their forthcoming fourth album, the song is a zingy kind of indie-pop that sounds more surf-ready than Northern England-morose. Definitely more Christopher Owens, than the shoegaze-meets-New Order-ish stylings of previous single "I Wanna Waste My Time on You." Basically the perfect pick-me-up for what's likely your first day back at work.

Good luck getting your deposit back on the house when you move out guys!

Lucky Ones is out via Modern Outsider / Anywhere Records on 1.29