The 25 Best Lists Of The Year

Just kidding, all these lists sucked.

One of the things about journalism on the Internet (besides cats) is the rise of List Culture Lists are easy to digest, for whatever reason people seem to click on them, and whoever complains about them as an abstract concept should remember that magazines (R.I.P., mostly) used to rely heavily upon infographics, which were way more annoying. Besides, what is a piece of journalism other than a list of thoughts stitched together by segues instead of numbers? On the other hand, a lot of lists are really fucking stupid and serve either as clickbait or as a way of communicating information without having to actually link your thoughts together with words and ideas and stuff. So with that in mind, here are some of the most pointless lists of 2012. We changed some of the titles in order to make them more true to their message.

25. Bands Old People Might Like

24. Twenty Bands That Some Young People Might Like

23. Top 20 Cars Seen In Curren$y Music Videos

22. Proof Jack White Is Still Weird As Shit

21. Twenty-Five Slightly Advanced Pieces Of Conventional Hip-Hop Wisdom

20. The Ten Best Lines From Childish Gambino’s Royalty Mixtape (Brought To You By Rap Genius)

19. Some People Who Like Mean Girls Also Like The Beatles

18. We Might Be Pitchfork, But Fuck It Here’s A Clickbait-y List

17. Seven Signs You’re At The Pitchfork Music Festival

16. One Thinly Veiled, Several-Slide Joke About Drake’s Masculinity

15. Twenty Tweets About Kanye West's Leather Kilt/Skirt Thing That He Wore The Other Night

14. Fifty Reasons Why Liking Taylor Swift Seems Like A Good Way to Pretend We’re Not Snobs

13. Fifty Country Songs That Don’t Suck

12. Twenty-Five Photos Of Rappers Looking At Art

11. Asher Roth’s 25 Favorite Albums

10. Five Albums Pitchfork Didn't Validate My Opinion Of

9. The 20 Best Worst Blogs

8. Forty Albums We Thought About Getting Into

7. The Top Emails You Received This Year

6. The Sixth Best Meta-List of the Year

5. Ten Things That Happened in the Past

4. Twenty-Five Pictures Of Rappers On Boats

3. Complex’s Greatest Greatest Articles

2. Thirty-Five Photos Of Rappers Texting

1. Seventeen Good Songs Frank Ocean Put Out This Year