Have Yourself a Good Old-Fashioned Cry to "Perfect" by Toronto's Tearjerker

Get ready to cry because your favorite TV character is totally dead and here's what's playing in the background.

Remember that episode of The O.C. when Marissa shot Trey and everything went into slow-motion except for that one Imogen Heap song looping for almost an entire minute? Well, go ahead and cue it up but mute it this time, because Toronto shoegaze trio Tearjerker have just written a song to the same effect but better. Their crestfallen, introspective indie rock fits right in between an unexpected death scene and the scrolling end credits. While Tearjerker's latest single "Perfect" sits a little closer to the ground than say Siguar Ros, to whom they are often compared, it's that same textural complexity that leads one to think of a willful baloon anchored to a heavy chain. The band will be releasing their third full-length LP Stay Wild later this month completely independently on July 17.