Suzi Quatro Thinks Today's Popstars Are Sluts


The first lady of leather cat suits and the glam scene's number one sexy tomboy, Suzi Quatro, is pissed at the female popstars of today. Talking in her biography, Unzipped, 62-year-old Quatro goes on a rant about chart toppers like Lady Gaga, exclaiming:

"It’s not that the women in today’s pop and rock world are being treated like sex objects; it’s that they are choosing to do it to themselves, which is strange to me...Now they seem to be nearly nude, and I think that the videos are borderline pornography. I can’t even pick one out; they’re all like soft porn now."

Umhum, go on...

""I may have been sexy, but I was covered up total. There was something left to the imagination...I refused to wear makeup on TV. I wanted my music to be heard."

OK, my first eye roll is, yes, she was totally covered up, had a really heinous mullet and didn't wear make-up, blah blah blah, but I'm pretty sure her image was also considered shocking AT. THAT. TIME. Yes, it may not have been the areola baring and perfectly outlined labia costumes of Lady Gaga, but it was a purposeful shock tactic. Don't lie to me Suzi babes, don't tell me there weren't big-wig music A&Rs in the 1970s pushing the image you created. I mean, I can't be the only one that hates when older women buy into this gross pack mentality of throwing shade at younger women? Like any normal girl's response to that kind of criticism wouldn't be just to tell them to "fuck off" and do the exact opposite. It's reductive and it's boring and it makes me feel the same way I felt when my Ma would tell me to stop hitching my school skirt up, like, "YOU CAN'T TELL ME HOW TO LIVE MY LIFE".


That's not to say that the whole hyper-sexualized marketing machine that keeps the likes of Gaga and Ri-Ri top of the charts doesn't make me seriously uncomfortable, but I kind of feel slamming it and saying it's all "soft porn" is getting into, "welp, if you dress like a slut then you should be treated as one" territory. And if you're going to go on a crusade at our hoe-popstars, maybe it's worth reinforcing positives too, like, I dunno, I've not seen Adele's nipples at all and she's doing pretty well for herself in the music business?

So what is the solution? I have no frickin' clue. Clearly our society is fucked to hell and we'll either end up watching our pop starlets getting doggied on daytime TV, or we'll come full circle and head-to-toe fashion hijabs with a side of celibacy will be the new Tumblr wave. But until that happens, can we at least cool it down on the calling each other whores front?