Style Rider: DNCE Needs Towel Garb and a Sexy Sax Man

Plus, solid hats and solid tea are crucial for the pop group fronted by Joe Jonas.

Photo via DNCE's Facebook

In late 2015, it was revealed that the iconic Joe Jonas had formed a band. Not only did we freak out and put the four-piece’s disco-pop jam “Cake By The Ocean” on repeat, but we admired the band’s eclectic sense of style. Jack Lawless, Cole Whittle and JinJoo Lee join Jonas in DNCE, which is “dance,” but the way you’d say it when you’re drunk. Although DNCE has only released their debut EP SWAAY thus far, we’re expecting much more from them in 2016.

These guys are just plain fun and also aren’t afraid to go bold and bright with their looks. So, the band filled us in on some of their tour essentials below, and, we bet they have the best time on the road.


We love(d) her NYC store. This hat is perfect for when our heads are feeling a little fuzzy.


JinJoo makes delicious homemade ginger tea. Great for warming up vocal cords and souls before the show. Everyone on tour is addicted to it.


Sergio Flores is a good friend of ours, and we'll have him occasionally join us backstage for some hot sax.


We need towels so Cole can make clothes for the after party. It also doubles as a bib. The possibilities are endless.


Among JinJoo's guitar playing and tea expertise, she runs a nail salon out of our dressing room. Cole and Joe are frequent customers.

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