Stream 'Cyclopean,' the New EP from Can Founding Members, Plus Burnt Friedman and Jono Podmore

Four tracks of off-kilter melodies create one great EP.

Jaki Liebezit and Irmin Schmidt, founding members of the über-influential German experimental rock band Can, have teamed up with musicians Burnt Friedman and Jono Podmore (also known as Kumo of Metamono) to release a four-track EP titled Cyclopean. The tracks are dark and drum-heavy, featuring vaguely Middle Eastern sounds transfigured into coherent—and often off-kilter—melodies.

Like their namesake (Cyclopean is "a style of stone construction marked typically by the use of large irregular blocks without mortar," FYI), the songs form a consistent structure composed of what would appear to be ill-fitting parts: conga drums, dark bass, jazzy guitar. Stream Cyclopean below: