Square Wave - Bloggers Are DJs

Abdullah crafted an ill mix of beat-oriented bangers - all killer no filler.

Speaking to Creators Project few weeks ago, Cole from the Black Lips opined that "it's hard to describe sound. I think that's why music journalists have a hard time." That places me squarely in “out-of-touch-music-writer” category, but I can appreciate the sentiment. I've written enough pointlessly flowery sentences to know it rings true. As more and more people look to bloggers for guidance, music journalism reveals itself as a middle man—there's no need for descriptive purpleness in the age of the audio embed. But it's also the age of more music than anyone can handle, so the blogger serves some purpose, even if it’s just bringing some ill shit to your attention.

I mostly write about electronic, beat-oriented music, and I’m happy to say that most writers on the beat aren’t fucking around. Some of my favorites lis Moovmnt, Finest Ego, and Low Riders Collective are adept at keeping the conversation short and focusing on the jams. These are guys that pick over reams of new shit and lay it in order for you to discover. They’re basically just DJs, honestly.

The first major DJ I ever interviewed was Neil Armstrong. He said a DJ mix should be a gift—it should show the audience something they know and love and blend it with obscure elements they’ll go apeshit for. As far as track selection, I deal in a more obscure brand of tune than Neil does, but it's in that spirit that I put together the first ever Square Wave mix. Whether this sound is new to you or knew to you, here’s hoping you can dig it.


Tokimonsta - "Madness"

Torky Tork - "So Raw"

Dibiase - "Swingshift"

Johnny Boy - "Fakin' Brazil"

Dar Geraet - "Beck's"

Muta - "Lock Jaw"

Gaslamp Killer feat. Mophono - "Carpool Dummy"

Suff Daddy - "Message Break"

Free The Robots - "Diary"

DDay One - "Give and Take"

Dibiase - "Circuit Breakin"

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