SpaceGhostPurrp & Florida Are Ready To Fight For Trayvon Martin

Floridian producer and MC Spaceghostpurp might fuck shit up if Trayvon Martin's shooter doesn't get arrested.

Photo by Brock Fetch.

The staggering racial undertones and tragic circumstances of the Trayvon Martin shooting have infuriated people across all over the country. Following the murder (and the subsequent botched police investigation), many minds harken back to Emmett Till. But more than reflect the past, the shooting illuminates the dire present, working as a tipping point for pent up rage.

For rising Southern MC and producer SpaceGhostPurrp, it hits close to home. Purpp is from Carol City, and he went to school with Trayvon. He can remember seeing Trayvon, too into his books to be bothered with Purpp and his boys, who used to spend the school day smoking outside. Over the past few days, we’ve noticed Purrp’s emotional cries on social media about Trayvon’s murder and the fact that his shooter, George Zimmerman, has still yet to be arrested. So, we reached out to him for an intimate phone conversation that covered everything from the potential for a Rodney King-style riot to occur in Florida in the wake of this travesty, to the impossibility of stopping black ascendance.

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