Go Ahead, Internet: Work Your Magic on Shellshag's New Video

Put some cool shit on their green screen. Win some cool stuff.

If you’ve ever met or seen Brooklyn duo, Shellshag, you know they’re one of a kind. They’re weird and out there and all over the place. You might have even wondered what the hell they listen to for inspiration. Well, funny you ask. Their new video for “Medley” will answer that.

The song/video is an homage to their favorites like the Marked Men, RVIVR, the Ramones, Toys That Kill, and a bunch more. See how many you can recognize. Make a game out of it.

But wait, there’s more. As you may have noticed, the entire video is shot in front of a green screen. Possibly because Shellshag are lazy but possibly also because they want you to make it better. Fill in that green screen with something amazingly awesome and one winner will get this ridiculous Shellshag package which includes:

-A date with Shellshag,
-A public screening of the winning video at a Shellshag show,
-A set of Shellshag action figures,
-A pair of Shellshag drumsticks,
-$200 in cold hard cash.

Here’s what you do: Download the original file here. Put some cool stuff on the green screen using whatever video program does that or just regular magic. Submit to shellshag@gmail.com by 2/28. Good luck. We’ll post the winning video here. And let us know how that date goes. Dinner conversation topics they’re passionate about: The best Replacements record, tambourines: overrated?, favorite pizza toppings.