Get Stood Up by a 1950s Greaser in the Video for "Corvette" by Shannon and the Clams

Shannon and the Clams have a John Waters moment.

Give me a more devastatingly perfect metaphor for love than waiting on a Corvette that never comes. With all its vintage sentiment and escapist reverie, what in the world could ever be more wistful? The by-gone aesthetic feels all the more relevent coming from the re-vamped, 50s doo-wop outfit Shannon and the Clams. "Corvette" is the first cut from the Oakland band's forthcoming record Gone by the Dawn. In the stylish video directed by Loren Risker, frontwoman Shannon Shaw looks longingly down the road as she loses herself in a John Waters daydream and rides off into the sunset with a cowlicked greaser in a pink convertible. But alas, in reality, the man she's really waiting for never shows up. Is that my heart breaking or am I just faint from all the hair-spray? I can't tell the difference anymore. Buy the album here when it drops this September from Hardly Art.