Sailor Jerry Anthem

Sailor Jerry are helping us with VICE UK's 10th birthday, so watch their video to get yourself pumped!

Unconventional, unapologetic and independent; Sailor Jerry, spiced rum made the old school way, has long embodied all these traits. But none of this is really that surprising, when you consider the inspiration behind the legendary drink is none other than Norman ‘Sailor Jerry’ Collins – the much lauded grandaddy of vintage ink – a man who devoted his life to innovation and bucking conventions.

So, to celebrate the last 10 years of mayhem and to raise a salute they've put together a short film full of clips of some of the many gigs, events and backyard barbecues they've held over the years. The film features footage like The Black Lips tearing it up live as well as exclusive clips of WWII-era Honolulu, taken from the Hori Smoku documentary on the life of the legend himself.

The serious music heads out there will also notice that the short film is soundtracked by The Misfits iconic 1979 punk track ‘Where Eagles Dare’, making it the first time they've ever allowed their music to be used in a film like this.Makes Sailor Jerry kinda special right? And it's all testament to their DIY ethos and talent for supporting rock ‘n roll acts right from the start, with projects such as the Sailor Jerry Presents gigs.

Sailor Jerry will, of course, be providing your drinks all night at our 10th birthday party, so watch this and get yourself suitably excited.

To keep up with all things Sailor Jerry head to www.sailorjerry.com/uk