Listen to TOKiMONSTA and Gavin Turek's Slick Mini LP 'You're Invited'

The Brainfeeder electronicist has teamed up with Turek to create a seven-track record that should be the soundtrack to your everything.

Aug 28 2015, 5:23pm

Brainfeeder's electronic queen, TOKiMONSTA, and singer Gavin Turek's (whose video for "Don't Fight It" we premiered a few weeks back) have come together to create a banging mini album which we're streaming in its entirety above. So far they're released just two tracks from the collection: the stuttered and sublime "Hemisphere," and "Surrender," with its svelte beats and Turek's rich like double cream tones (think "Get Along with You"-era Kelis). Turns out these two were perfectly indicative of the high quality cuts that make up You're Invited. If you're looking for forward thinking pop that melds first class electronic beats with R&B soul, as a united front this duo are killing it—from the hearbeat thud and 2 step skip of "Grace" to the laidback cruise of closer "Never Alone." We got in touch with the two talents to find out more.

Noisey: Apparently you guys have been working together since the days of Myspace -- what did you initially bond over back then (and when exactly was that)?
I think we connected on Myspace in 2009. I think she liked my voice and I liked her beats. I guess we were simply open to experiment and try something that felt good rather than sounded a certain way or projected a certain persona. I was just starting out and she had already developed a brand and sound that was unique to her. I definitely admired her work ethic and style from day one. I like to work with people I can learn from and take some risks with.

How do your earlier collaborations compare to this mini-album?

TOKiMONSTA: I think we expanded on our methods of working together. In the early days, I would send Gavin instrumentals and she would write over them. Now, we can work in person and build tracks together or I can help with the writing as well. Sonically, we have both come a long way since our first collabs so I think the songs are a bit more put together. he feelings in the tracks are definitely the same as earlier collabs.

What elements do you each bring to the table that makes this project work?
TOKiMONSTA brings the musical production, her amazing ear, and unique beats and arrangements to the project while I bring the lyrics, melodies, and vocals. We both know our strengths and let each other shine respectively...m I think that's why it works. We also bring our own experiences, our stories, and thoughts to the creative process. Perhaps that's more obvious from my end because I write the lyricsm, but I think this project captures some of her personal journey as well.

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Does this collection have any prevalent themes that thread the songs together?
I think there is a tone that is consistent throughout all the tracks. It's difficult for me to describe, but I would say a sort of "heartfelt" theme. Off hand, that probably sounds really cheesy, but my goal was to evoke feelings and not just view the production as a technical piece of work.

Will you guys be making it on the road or is this a studio thing only?
We have already done four album releases shows in the US (NY, Miami, SF, LA)—which all sold out. We were super happy about that. I'm not sure about a full tour that will have me on board, but Gavin is really the anchor of this collab and I hope she tours her heart out and I can join in on some of those dates.

When is the best time to listen to You're Invited?
I think it's a great album to listen to alone. Everyone needs that introspective piece of music that causes them to reflect and maybe change. I hope the lyrics are honest enough and also hopeful enough to be both relatable and inspiring in that way. Some albums offer an escape and I think this one offers some self-reflection. It's pretty uptempo though so you can also dance to many of the songs… it's actually perfect for private dance party (start off with "Surrender")!

You're Invited is out today via Young Art Records.