This Video of Ravers in the Middle of the Day Is Exactly the Shitshow You'd Expect

It the 'Heavy Metal Parking Lot' of raves.

Nov 2 2015, 9:59pm

Remember Heavy Metal Parking Lot, the cult doc whose directorial focus was basically just pointing a camera at drunken Judas Priest fans in the 80s? Well here is its rave equivalent, Rave Parking Lot. Filmed in the parking lot at HARD Fest in 2013 by IHEARTCOMIX’s Franki Chan, the video has everything: neon tank tops, people who have no idea what acts they’re seeing, fights, hot messes, the rhetorical question “is a pig’s pussy pork?”, gun shows, OC ecstasy trippers, and… wait holy shit, did this girl just get kidnapped in plain view???

Uh… we’re sure she’s probably fine. Anyway, 500 people were arrested at this year’s HARD this weekend and after watching this video, we’re sure you’ll agree that that’s not nearly enough. Watch Rave Parking Lot below and feel a lot better about your own life.

UPDATE: While this video was hilarious, the creator removed it for some lame reasons.

Statement below:

Yesterday we released a video entitled ‘Rave Parking Lot’ with the intention of putting out something satirical and entertaining about the EDM culture of Los Angeles, of which IHEARTCOMIX is a part. This video has ended up ruffling some feathers in ways we didn’t intend, especially in connection with people who we consider friends, so we have decided to delete it.

The point of this video was always to have fun. Let’s face it, rave culture can be pretty silly at times, but the same can be said for my other favorite, the hair metal scene of the 80’s. Considering the amount of news surrounding recent festivals, it makes sense to take down this video. But fear not, there will be more parking lots to come!