Death Hawks' New Video, "Behind Thyme", Sucks You Into the Cosmos

The latest from the Finnish psych band is crazy magical and mesmerizing.

Oct 16 2015, 11:45am

We aren't shy about our admiration for Finnish psychedelic wizards Death Hawks. The band caught our attention in the past few years with their new take on the psychedelic sound that's difficult to pinpoint but gloriously easy to dive into—not to mention lead singer Teemu Markkula's soft spot for Voodoo and meditation. Their latest video for "Behind Thyme" sees that affinity come to fruition: it's a nocturnal ritual of dance and freedom soaked in glowing body paint as hynotizing as the song itself.

Slow and mesmerizing, the video focuses on a group of people wandering through the night showered in splotches of visceral color and masked in tribe-like facepaint. Markkula takes the role of the hypnotizing leader, otherworldly in presence with whited-out eyes that captivate as well as creep you out. The whole thing feels magical and and bizarre—which is fitting considering the song. The song sounds almost effervescent: floating vocals, a calmly spinning guitar melody and the familiar psychedelic soar of synths sink you in to a near-cosmic state of mind. No matter who or where you are, we guarantee that "Behind Thyme" will leave you feeling a little more magical than you thought you could.

If you're into this, Death Hawks are about to drop their new album in November. They also have some live shows coming up; check out the dates here.