PREMIERE: Stream Lady Bones' Gangly and Bluesy New Record 'Dying'

These punks look really out of place on a beach.

Jun 24 2015, 7:07pm

If you take a glance at the social media presence of Lady Bones, you’re first reaction should probably evoke the question, “What’s wrong with these fucking kids?” And if we’re being honest, you’re second thought very well may be, “These punks look really out of place on a beach.”

Before further review, the self-described “Blargh” Ugly-Poppers are juvenile in spirit. Their photos portray a group of young Bostonians with a deep connection to house cats and pizza dinners. Sense of humor? Yeah, we’re talking piss filled toilet bowls, casual poop references, and a trolling visual of John Travolta circa 1978. Sometimes, they take aisle-side naps on top of stacks of bathroom tissue. When in Illinois, do as the….?

But the photos we’ve perused also represent much more than some chuckle-hungry tricksters. These are three guys embarking on a long journey of van breakdowns and the little-thing-luxuries they hold near and dear on the road. Ah, those Georgia peaches.

The tunes of their debut full length record, Dying, fully support this notion. The album makes it clear that their musical tone has already surpassed their maturity level. With tracks of varying temperament, the bluesy bass lines complement the wide variety of subdued yet raspy vocals to make for a grungy underground album that their city should be proud of.

Check out the album below, and pick up your copy right here.