Ariana Grande Dominated 'Saturday Night Live' Last Night

In addition to performing two songs from her upcoming record 'Dangerous Woman' she took part in five sketches throughout the show.

Mar 13 2016, 5:05pm

Last night, it wouldn't be a stretch to say Ariana Grande took over Saturday Night Live. She was the show's host, and appeared in several skits that were all pretty funny, and allowed her to show off her skills in singing and impersonating other musicians. It was the perfect place for her to hop right in the eye of the public to set up her upcoming record Dangerous Woman which drops May 20. She opened the show with a monologue, poking a bunch of fun at herself, and eventually looping it into a larger, jokey song where she sang about wanting to have her first adult scandal ala Justin Bieber.

Afterwards, she started to appear in a group of sketches with the rest of the SNL cast. One sketch was a parody "feminist song," where the actresses expressed doubts in how well they would be able to accurately bring together important issues in a good song. Grande also appeared in a sketch mocking Tidal, where she played an intern named Chloe who was called upon to cover several artists in order to make some kind of Tidal machine work correctly. Other sketches included a parody of The Sound Of Music, a sketch where she played a mermaid, and one where she played Jennifer Lawrence on an episode of Family Feud.

Finally, her musical performances reminded us that clearly she has a shit load of talent to back up her humor and personality. Her first song was the title track to her upcoming record Dangerous Woman. The performance showed her in front of a full band, taking the song in a slower move more focused on her raw singing abilities over anything else. It balanced out with her other song, another cut from the album titled "Be Alright." In place of the band, she was joined by a group of dancers who carried out an intricate routine, moving to each note of the song.

It was a great night that showed off how Grande is able to balance charm and humor with her talent for singing. It's been a long time coming for her, and it's very easy to see how she's been able to cast such a wide net in her appeal to be entertaining as both a singer and an entertainer.